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The Empowerment of Achievement

It has been said that the Power of Achievement is in the doing of whatever one is trying to achieve. Some achieve in sport, some in their work, some in material goods, some in their lust for power, some in notarisation and fame. The negative in us will achieve disharmony. The positive in us will achieve harmony. There has been some very powerful achievers in the area of peace and harmony, but there has also been very powerful achievers in disharmony and destruction. It is much easier to bond to the negative in us. If you view all of these things you will notice that they are all are on the outside of us.

But what of the achievement from inside of us? How do we view this? Have you ever thought of it on this level?

We are here on this earth to refine ourselves in order to choose the path to expansion of our universe. We are given free will to achieve this divine path using the way, the will and the law of the divine to achieve this. We are specks of light on this earth. By allowing our light to be amplified we shine. If we all collectively shine, how bright would the path be?! Our first achievement is to collectively shine. This will be our final achievement. Then the earth will shine. Then our galaxy will shine. Then our universe will shine. This starts with you.

This is the empowerment of achievement

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