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The Empowerment of Movement

What is the empowerment of movement? This is somewhat complicated so we will take it one step at a time. Before time, space and material existence, there was, and is, pure consciousness for all things to come into being - the fore-thought of movement was created, then shape came to realisation. Movement and shape combined created all things, guided by the divine creation or creator, which brought forth the Law, the Will and the Way.

So, now we have movement, shape and creation, the law by which all things must abide, the will to do so and the way that all must abide to, so as to create through the divine energy/chi. Movement attracts shape and shape attracts movement - this is the Law. When the Will or Divine Will creates, it involves both movement and shape. The Way comes when the divine commands all to come into being, so this shape and movement becomes empowered by the creator or creation. To create shape, the movement needs a plan of construction or development energised by chi or life force by which shape comes into being. Now we have divine thought, shape, movement and chi. The thought is the will, the way is the movement and the law is the contract by which it is carried out.

When movement is carried out with these principles at it’s base, the movement is empowered by the chi. When one’s mind and heart are as one, we can move as one with the chi, with the earth and the universal way. The Shaolin monks of old worked with these empowerments. The movements in the training had to be precise. As they moved they created shape, moving from one shape to another at first with slow movements then, as they perfected their movements the shapes became perfect. As both shape and movement became as one, the chi became as one also; in turn they could give their chi to the divine plain. In so doing, becoming as the universes. This is the empowerment of movement.

When one bonds with the chi, so as to become as one with it, this is the empowerment of body.

Bless all those who choose to take up this work. May the divine light of consciousness shine in and on them as the universe and the heavens are.

energy of movement

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