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What is Qigong Healing?

Qigong is understanding the energies of nature, the energies of the universe and the energies of the outer universes.  It is the understanding of ones own energy and earthly energy combined through the help of the outer universes to achieve healing for others.  Because of this divinity it can never be charged for, or profited from. 


The bonus to oneself in this practice is the achievement of health, knowledge and wisdom.  It’s training requires the understanding of all of the 5 senses and all of 'The 5 Empowerments' which include - the empowerment of the mind, the empowerment of the body, the empowerment of speech, the empowerment of movement and the empowerment of quality.  All these 10 things must be practiced and studied in it’s fullest, so one can not only become mindful but heartful also.  It is a direct connection with all of the dimensions combined.  So this mantra should be practiced daily


From the light of the creation we came

From the light of the heavens we came

From the light of the universe we came

Through the light of our sun we came

and within the light of this earth we exist


We then can ask who are we? And what are we?


To achieve Qiqong at it’s highest level, we must offer ourselves to the universes to be in the service of others.  This should never be forgotten. 


For information on Qigong exercise class click here

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