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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep-tissue massage can be an effective treatment for injured muscles. By removing toxins from the muscles and stretching tight or twisted muscle, deep-tissue massage can help promote healing, relaxation and reduce pain

Spinal Massage

Spinal massage eases back ache and pains, relieves muscular tension, improves flexibility and circulation, improves lymph drainage and balances muscles to avoid injury

Holistic Relaxation Massage

Relax your body and mind with this gentle massage. Enjoy the flowing movements while a warm blend of essential oils and soft music soothes the senses.  This massage can help relieve muscular tension and reduce pain. 

Massage and Personalised Programme

Following an assessment of your needs, your therapist will provide the ideal massage treatment for you. Then a unique follow up maintenance plan  (eg stretching) will be created for you

Person Centered Counselling

Counselling is a way of learning about yourself and how you interact with others and your environment.  Through CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Gestalt Therapy you can learn to deal with anxiety, depression, PND, distress, bullying, stress, chronic long-term illness, bereavement, sexual abuse and relationship difficulties.


Gift vouchers can be used towards tai chi classes or any treatment in 'Natural Way' selection

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