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Buddhist Meditation For All

This class consists of contemplative meditation as well as breathing techniques. There is discussion followed by 15 mins of mantras.  Students are asked to practice during the week and keep a personal journal of 'self' discoveries.


Sat. afternoon 1 - 2pm

Classes are on a donation basis

What is Buddhist Meditation?

Buddhist Meditation is not just about relaxing and ‘zoning out’.  A large part of the time is dedicated to becoming even more aware of yourself and all around you.  This may seem like the opposite of what you’d expect from a meditation group, however it is only when you have full awareness that the understanding comes.  With understanding comes the sense of calm and strength you are looking for.

We use our senses – hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell – to pay attention. One by one we learn to use each sense to learn about ourselves and others.  To learn to perceive and act through the heart.  To explore nature to learn about the universe and how we fit in to it.  In this way you can empower yourself to deal with whatever you encounter in life.  We recite a 15 minute mantra which boosts our vibration and consequently our energy.

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