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The Empowerment of Speech

The empowerment of speech is very powerful. At first we should study the way other people speak. Listen to the way they project themselves; are they the joker? Are they trying to dominate others by the way they speak? Are they using gossip? Are they being truthful? Do they lie to make themselves great in others eyes? Do they express kindness? Do they express hate or compassion? Are they wise in what they say? Are they foolish in what they say? Are they selfish in what they say? Can you hear who may be asking for help in what they say? Do they use vulgar language?

Now you must ask yourself, are you any of these things? Then, ask yourself, “how do I project myself when speaking? Am I kind, compassionate, understanding?” Then ask “am I dignified in my speech? Caring and kind?” Once you have studied this, you will begin to recognise the the way you speak is very much part of your development in your journey on this plane of existence. All negatives reside in the mind, all positives reside in the heart, so learn to speak from the heart. This is what is called speaking from the heart. Study it well.

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