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Expanding Universes

The question has been asked as to what the universe is expanding into. As if their is an edge to it or something! Try thinking of the expansion as a continuation of the so called ‘Big Bang’. We are all still in the process of the ‘Big Bang’, we are expanding or moving into the ether or the nothingness. The empty space or infinity that we conceive of as some sort of mystery. When we view the yin/yang symbol we see we are two sides of equal importance. The material universe and the spiritual universe have the same equal importance awarded to them by divine commission. There was no start and there is no finish. We must begin to view the yin/yang as one whole and not two sided. We should view all universes as one. This creates the oneness of all and this oneness is the God head. The cosmological process of change has no end. The expansion and the understanding of this divine process can fill your heart with hope. Expansion is creation and not destruction. This never ending, moving, shaping, changing is at the root of creation. Adhering to the Law, the Will and the Way. This expansion is working with the Will of the Divine Consciousness. It’s harmony is the way, it’s acceptance of the Law of Divine Consciousness assures creation. Both are happy that we are beginning to see.

May the universe and the Buddha bless you and take care of you

expanding universe

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