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The Empowerment of Sharing

The Empowerment of sharing is very powerful. To share or to give of yourself to others is divine. Our first connection to sharing comes from the Mother. Bless those who did not have a Mother to care for them. The Mother gives unconditionally, her whole life exists around her children yet when we leave home we become selfish. Why? We start taking and being less kind to others. It is because we have to fend for ourselves out in the big bad world. We sometimes even forget the mother. Breaking the control of the ‘I’ or ‘no. 1’ is very difficult.

To share can make you happier. It can also heal. Caring and sharing brings on great healing energy or chi that is the universal gel which brings us together. We must learn to accept each other, to be kind to each other and to be compassionate towards one another. This material world has mad us very selfish. Remember a nettle amongst roses will always be a nettle. The earth and the universa share with us unconditionally. We need to be the same.

As above so below

hands supporting each other

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