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To pit yourself against your fellow human being creates division, separation, resentment, jealousy, anger, conflict, uncaring, rivalry, a sense of unworthiness, a sense of victory over others. Why is this sport? It was originally designed to divide. This is of the mind, both negative and positive mind which are most times in conflict. Competition will always keep us apart.

When we use the heart sutra or heart chi energy there can be no division or conflict. We can not accept others or be kind to others or be compassionate to others when we accept division. Most people go through life with a deep feeling of separation, at birth we separate from the mother, as we grow older we begin to feel separate the earth, then we feel apart from the heavens and creation. All of this develops an emotional feeling of lose. Add competition to this emotion and we can become angry. We start to make sure that we become number 1, never to be outdone. You become selfish. This is where the elite want us - divided, and they get us to do it to ourselves.

We need to wake up if we are to stop fighting. To recognise that we are dividing ourselves. Our final goal is to become at one with all things. This can not be attained by separating ourselves from one another. Care for one another. Not only for ourselves, but the animals and the earth.

May the lord Buddha and the Universe bless you in your work.

Winner on podium

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