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The Assumption of Power

The Buddha once said “have no masters and be the master of none” yet some insist on assuming power over us. Churches, assume not only power over us, but over our spirituality as well. If we are to give account of ourselves when we pass, but we have been subservient to these people during our life, how then can we give a proper account of ourselves? You are told you must honour and speak to your God through them. They even instruct you on how to speak or pray. Understand that the Creation gave you life, not them. Speak to your Creator and pray from your heart. Governments assume power over you with laws and bylaws, but you also have rights. Learn about them if you wish to stand up for yourself. Teachers of all kinds assume power over you, some even call themselves masters, remember if those people call themselves masters they have not yet learned.

Be responsible for yourself and give account of yourself. It is you that has to stand in front of your maker, not them. Let no one assume power over you. Find a good teacher that wants to teach and not control you. A teacher that can be proud of your attainments. Be the spirit that you are! Creation made you, so show Creation what you are made of.

May the universe bless you and watch over you.


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