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The Empowerment of Focusing

In my earlier insights, I spoke about becoming aware before being mindful. In this insight we speak about focusing before being aware and being mindful. If we wish to be aware we must first of all focus on the subject, no matter what the subject is.

In Shaolin Kung Fu, we are taught to focus on our hands at all times. To focus on people - in the way they move, in the way they hold themselves, in the way they walk, in the way they breath, in the way they speak. This is not only for defence purposes, but also for health purposes. We are also taught to focus on shape of all kinds including human shape. To produce fine art, the artists must know shape. Shape exists in all things. At the beginning of time and in the making of the universe, shape came into being. Lao Tzu, the great sage, said that ten thousand things came into being through shape and movement, so you see focusing on shape is most important.

In Lung Ying Shaolin Kung Fu, we are taught to focus on the self - in the way we hear, the way we see, the way we speak, the way we feel, the way we project ourselves, the way we deal with others. Focus on our kindness, our compassion. But also on our negative aspects which we mostly want to steer clear of, but we must challenge these negatives, for without defeating our negative side, our positive side is weak. Of course we need courage for this work. To gain courage we need our positive side to be strong, to focus on all we need to like, love, respect and care, not only for ourselves but for others, on an equal basis.

By clearing our path, we clear the path for the Law, the Will and the Way to help bring the divine path into our world. Focus on the self, focus on the earth, focus on the heavens, focus on your heart and not on the mind. Your heart is of your higher self, mind is of your lower self. Teach your mind to be more heartfelt and all things will come into being.

Bless this work.

This is the empowerment of focusing.

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