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The Divine Bond

Within the conscious universe, all enlightened beings from many universes and galaxies, bond together, and in so doing become at one with the 'Divine Oneness'. This bond is never broken.

On this plane we have many kinds of bonds; in business, friends, in-laws, family etc. Some say "my word is my bond." Our words most times are not our bonds. I keep to my bond of marriage, I cherish the bonds I keep with my work mates and friends. Even countries have bonds with one-another. We buy bonds. People break bonds for their own selfish reasons and they create alot of hurt and betrayal.

If you could try to feel in your heart the bond you have with the universes and the 'Divine Oneness', there would be no need for sickness, wars or killings. Try to return to your heart. Try to remember who you were. That person, that spirit being that you are, all of you, not just some but all of you. Remember we are all one. I am you and you are me. We are from the 'Divine Oneness'. Remember this through your heart and bond with it.

Meditation and the eclipse

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