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The Empowerment Of The Mind

The mind is most times confused, most times selfish, most times fearful, most times aggressive, most times angry, most times violent, sometimes jealous, sometimes depressed, most times full of ego, all of these are destructive. There is nothing empowering about want, desire, greed, deceit, hate etc. When we speak of mindfulness, do we first recognise that our minds are full of the negatives? We need courage to face these things. To rid ourselves of these chains is real freedom of mind and real peace. This work was of the upmost importance to the Shaolin practitioners. They found how to build courage within the movements and also the meditation. When the Buddha said you must empty one’s mind before filling it, this is what he meant. Also, when Jesus said you must know the God as a child, he was saying the same thing. Children do not have this negative mind or any of those negative things. Their minds are open. It is us that teach them the wrongs and the rights. We must be careful of what goes from us to them. Courage leads to nobility, nobility leads to kindness and compassion. There is nothing so noble, as caring for others as others are of the universal way and expansion.

So, the empowerment of the mind is to think with the heart. This work is quite hard. There is a lot of looking at the self with honest eyes, Then having the courage to work on ones negative points is of the upmost importance. Study your 'self ‘ well through your heart.

Think with your heart

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