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Father Sun & Mother Earth

Some time ago, I wrote a blog about how we sometimes neglect our Mothers and also as to how we can hurt them and disrespect them. Well now we are also hurting Mother Earth. We also disrespect her and take her for granted.

We have soiled her waters, we have soiled the air, even though she provided for us without question. We dig - we burn - we pump nuclear waste into the oceans - to the point that our seas are infected. Her fish are dying at an alarming rate.

We have, with our borders and flags, claimed her for ourselves. We have dissected her to the point of cutting her heart out. Yes, we are hurting her heart. She gives us so much and we keep on taking and taking. Killing each other and killing her. The Buddha tried to wake us up. Jesus tried to wake us up, but our greed drives us on and on. Governments care not unless there is money in it. When have you heard the churches talk out about this hurt? Never, because they too are greedy.

In many cultures this earth is known as Mother and the sun as the Father. Father sun has always provided for the Mother. All that the Mother needed the Father gave, and in turn what he needed, Mother provided.

Now Mother is in need of cleansing and replenishing. Her water, which forever carried Chi to all living things, is being poisoned. Her barrier which evened out, or softened Father's energy or Chi, has been damaged. This barrier can be viewed as Mother Earth's loving arms. There to hug us when needed, but we are hurting her so much, Father sun will come to her aid. He will cleanse her dying waters, he will cleanse her air, he will bring peace. The poison of war and anger will be no more.

The Father will send the Fiery Dragon who carries chi and protection to all, to cleanse and begin the new way of love, peace and acceptance to all who will invite it into their hearts.

Mother Earth and Father Sun

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