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The Empowerment of The Body

The body has been a source of mystery, of vanity, of arrogance. It has been venerated in marble & stone as well as oil paintings for generations. We expect wonders from it. We crave for health and beauty. It can be the cause of great ego, only to see it deteriorate as we grow older. It is said that the beauty is on the inside, and this my friends is so true.

The empowerment of the body is what is on the inside or at least what moves in and around us. To attain chi and understanding is empowerment - this universal energy that binds all things in a bond that will never die. It never has and never will. It has been with us since time and space came into existence. Through acceptance of this generative energy, which is derived from creation, we empower the body.

The chi brings forth chi, movement and light, to manifest itself within all living beings and the elements - air, water, wood, fire and earth. The acceptance of this empowers the body. It enriches our minds and body and as the chi is the bonding agent of the universe, our body and minds become bonded. Also we must learn that we can not take from it, rather we must give to it, or add to it, so that the universe may expand. When training in Shaolin Kung Fu we keep this principle in not only our minds, but in our hearts. For the chi is connected to our heart at all times. This divine energy brings life, not destruction. If we are to bond with the chi we most certainly do not cause hurt or damage to others as that is destruction and breaks our bond with creation. To damage either in sport or through anger, and only serves to disempower ourselves. In original Shaolin Dragon Sign Lung Ying Kung Fu, the principles were of the upmost importance. To empower the body we need to keep in mind these things - acceptance. kindness, compassion and generosity. These are the building blocks, bless all of life.

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