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Bright Thought

There will come a time that our material presence will be likened to consciousness, when our thoughts and our very bodies become conscious; when our material universal existence becomes conscious. This is our journey, when Yin and Yang become as one (embraced finally). 

When we look at our young children, we can see this.  They are constantly learning with no opinions, just "why?" - that's all they ask, "why?"  If we were to put aside our opinions just for a little time, we would learn, just like the kids; with acceptance of all things.

We are on a journey of dual consciousness, leading to the third consciousness. I hear you ask "what is the third consciousness?"  Ok.  At the moment we are in this material universe with the goal of becoming enlightened on this plane.  When we die and pass over to the spiritual plane, we are taught in a more enlightened manner.  We perform this task many times until (if you like), they both are compatible with one another.  Your body and soul becomes more spirit-like and your spirit becomes more accepting of your material body.  Now we should ask why?  When we view the yin and yang symbol we see both both sides embracing each other with a piece of each inside each other.  This teaches us that when all are ready to fully accept each other, we will no longer be a duality but a singularity made up of body and spirit.  But not only us as beings, for we are a manifestation of all of the universes both material and spiritual.  So you see, if we are to become as one and we are the manifestation of them, then they will become as one.  A new way, a new will, a new law.  Finally becoming all things.  A finalising of perfection.  Never to return to the fears, the doubts, the separation, just love of all and all things for infinity.  This can only be arrived at by free will.  It has to become the will of all, not just a few.  All as one and all of the universes colliding in an embrace into infinity of joy, love togetherness, as new vibrational beings made of body, spirit and consciousness.  Existing in a universe made from material, spiritual and conscious universes.  into complete unity.  A universe where we feed on the love it gives and it feeds on the love we give it, in infinite divine unity.

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