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The Way

From the Law, the Way came into being. The Way is in all things, it is vast. All things that came into being depend on the way. It guides all, but never rules over them. It is the Way, but never the master. It is vast, but has no name, so, never assumes mastery. All beings need to learn this way and live the way.

Lao Tzu ( the great Chinese sage) said:

“return is the movement of Way,

and yielding the method of Way.

All beneath Heaven, the ten thousand things, is all born of being,

and being is born of non-being"

All who build, need measurement to construct. The creation has it’s way, it’s law, it’s will, in it’s expansion and it’s construction. The Way is the Will brought into being by the Law. First there is the Will to create - which requires the Way to create - which requires the Laws on how to create. Try to view it like this:

A person needs to build a house (universe). Now they have the will to do so. They go to an architect who in designs the house (the Way). The Way is required to stay within the Laws of construction and measurement. So, we have the will to construct, we have the way to construct and the law by which we construct. But as in all construction, there needs to be a builder or organiser of the construction. This is the Dragon or Lung

Next Blog will explain more about The Dragon

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