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It Is Time For Peace

To know of the self is a great gift. To understand the self is knowledge. To accept the self is being enlightened. The true self can never be broken. It shines on many universes. The power of the self is infinite. Rid yourself of ego, rid yourself of violence, rid yourself of fear, rid yourself of lust for power, and you will see the self shine, so much so it can be seen in the Heavens.

A monk lives in a village on his own. A young girl asked if she could work for him as a maid. The monk refused. She became very angry, so she went to the town and told people the the monk abused her. The people went to the monks house and accused him of this. All he would say is "is that so?" He was brought to court, the judge accused him and all he would say is "is that so?" His jailer told him he would be there for a long time and all he would say is "is that so?" Some years passed, the young girl admitted her wrong ways. He was released. That day the villagers went to him to say sorry and all he said was "is that so?"

This monk knew himself, trusted the self, accepted the way of self. Before becoming mindful of all around you, become mindful of your self. Do not concern yourself with what others think of you, but be very concerned of what you think of you. There are 2 selves - there is the higher self who is the teacher; and your lower self which is the student. Your greatest teacher is yourself. But all this universal knowledge is passed on through your heart not the mind. One would wonder about 'mindfulness' as if this is true, we could unknowingly block this knowledge with ego, aggression, violence or greed.

Have the people of this world not seen enough of war, misery and suffering? To stop all this mayhem those who run the war machine and death factories of weapons have a vested interest in keeping this going with the help of young men and women convinced by flags, borders, fears and their acceptance of violence.

It is time for peace. Jesus once said "the meek shall inherit the earth," I believe it is time for the meek to stand up . All governments, all religious groups need to come together and realise that there is one law in the universe, one way in the universe and one will in the universe. These three things do not belong to them or anyone, they belong to the oneness of all creation. We can not deny there is a creation going on even today governed by the law, the way and the will. Once you understand and accept these things, you are doing the work of the conscious universe. This work is to aid expansion and should not be hindered by our negativity. By teaching our lower self to abide by the three essentials, we expand our consciousness of the lower self. This work can not be achieved by ego and all that goes with it.

It is time for killing and suffering to stop. John Lennon and the Beatles sang "give peace a chance," so what do you think? You can change this world and if not this one - your one. One by one. The power of one or one hand clapping.

the light is in you

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