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The Higher Self

What is the Higher Self? For generations spiritual leaders have spoken about the Higher Self. The Buddha, Muhammed, Jesus and many more all spoke of this. But what is it to you? How does it affect your life? Well that would depend on whether you would like to stay as you are (and that is ok) or if would like to learn a way of expanding your knowledge of the universes, and of yourself, on a more spiritual level. You have free will, so you decide. If you wish to go forward, you need to know that this blog will be quite long and that it is just touching on the complete subject! In 2012, we entered the age of Aquarius, which is going to open our consciousness or which will enable us to be a more aware human being. So let's begin.

To help us along with this deeper understanding we can use the symbol of the Yin/Yang, the ancient Chinese equation of two opposite forces - but never opposing.

The human being is the very same. We also have a Yin Yang way - or negative and positive. This is how we have a Higher Self and a Lower Self, one being negative and the other being positive. Please try and follow this diagram below which shows us where our principles lie.

So, you need to make a choice first as to which side of the fence you wish to live on before you go on.

If we are to believe in or understand the workings of the principles of the Yin/Yang you will find there are two sides to all things. So, in the Yin/Yang, taoist and Buddhist view they are as one and not a duality - a oneness consisting of a duality.

The human being is the same, made up of negative and positive principles. We are no different than the universes, hard and soft compliment. Higher and lower selves as one. The lower self is in essence our material body and mind. The higher self is in it's essence your spiritual body and mind - or heart.

If you could for a moment view your 'self' as a spirit being, with all the powers of the conscious universes within you, (which you do have), you will see this self on a different level completely. The self being your material body (or new soul), which you as a spirit are trying to teach, to become enlightened. This could be likened to having a new pet that you are trying to teach how to behave in your home. Unfortunately we, unlike or pets, have a very large ego. It can take many lifetimes to attain this enlightenment. We sometimes, and often, refuse to even recognise our full potential, and so we lose ourself.

Our work on this plain is to create and expand not only in numbers, but in quality of being, and 'self' being 'the soul' or 'new spirit'. Our lower self can sometimes lean to the side of destruction where this feeling of destruction can make the negative side of us feel powerful and controlling. Vanity and ego drives this on and on, even to expect all things to stay as they are is working against the Divine expansion. We need to study The Law and The Way of universal growth and development including that of the human being, guided by the higher self.

To know people is wisdom, but to know yourself is enlightenment.

To know of the universe is wisdom, but to know that you can be the universe is also enlightenment.

We must learn to listen to our Higher Self. We must learn to accept guidance.

We must learn to control ego.

We must learn to be kind in our acceptance of guidance.

We must learn to be strong in what we say so our children may learn.

We must learn that this has to start with us. Each and every one of us.

We must learn that spirit will be there to help.

We must learn to be first a student of The Way then become The Way.

The Lower self will bring only destruction of all

Next Blog is 'The Heart'

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