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The Work of Spirit, Soul and Earthly Beings

We came from the Heavens to teach new souls to become enlightened. We have taken on this task many, many times. For the fact that each new soul has been given freewill makes an even greater challenge. We as teacher are somewhat restricted in our work. If the soul refuses to cooperate there is not alot we can do. It is our work to guide, not impose our will on the new soul. The work of enlightenment is not easy, it must be accepted.

The road to becoming enlightened is covered with many obstacles. These obstacles are addictive and blind us in many ways. It may take many life times to finally convert to light. Those who refuse, create so much hurt and heartbreak, so much division and so much pain and misery. In the realms of light there is no room for this "samsara," as the HIndu people call it, or illusion. The ego may have its own way for a time, but eventually the ego will recognise all pain and suffering as futile and weak. The work of becoming enlightened requires us to use tools such as kindness, love, and sharing. We must watch out for, and nurture one another, to help heal old and new wounds. We must rid ourselves of such things as addiction, not just for drugs and alcohol, but the addictive nature of lust, lies and power. All addictions stem from this one source - the Me, the I, the Self, the Ego; constantly taking care of number one, not caring for anyone but the self. The gift of free will becomes a selfish will.

Remember even the biggest and strongest armies fall eventually and they bring their empires with them. Do not let them bring you down as well. Stand up; look at your own self in a different light, the light of universal expansion. Become part of creation. Try to forget about this painful destruction. Learn to grow with the light. Forget the past. Pay attention to the present and create your own future.

Do you know that even creation cannot change the past? Your future is up to YOU.

Wake up to your own light. The universe awaits!

Moving towards Enlightenment

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