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Visualisation or Vision?

When you visualise things with your 2 eyes, you see things on a 2 dimensional level. But when you see things with your third eye, you see things on a 3 dimensional level. Your heart is the third level, learn to see through your heart. Be truthful. Remember there is your truth, other people’s truth and then the real truth.

When we sleep our eyes are closed, yet we see. Sometimes bad things, but most times beautiful things, this is the third eye. When you see something that uplifts you, this is the third eye. To see behind a smile, to see kindness, to see compassion, to see yourself as you see others. To open your third eye takes courage. Your heart and third eye are as one. Learn to use both. Be truthful, be brave, become accepting, become kind, become compassionate. Learn to see yourself as you truly are. Do not mind what others do, they will weaken you. Do as you should do and you will become strong.

May the Universe bless you

Eyes in woods

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