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The Heart Knows

A teacher should never become your master.

The Buddha once said “have no masters and be the master of none.” In the Tao and Buddhist teachings we are taught that we never die, only the body does. The heart and spirit live on and on. If this be so, then the heart knows all things. It knows of past lives and all the knowledge it acquired through the ages. How can anyone else be the master of your heart?

A good teacher merely reminds the student. My grand-teacher told me you must learn through the heart, only then can you know of kung fu or tai chi. The ‘Fu’ and the heart area the same. Be the subject of no one. Do not become a sheep. Immerse yourself in your own heart and the ‘Fu' and The Way. Let no one control you. Be your own guiding light. Find your courage, find The Way.

Positive Chi develops when we know our negatives, accept this, then you can fully accept your positive self. This is your ying/yang

Find your courage!

flame heart

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