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The Disempowerment of Treachery

Probably the most famous case of treachery was that of Jesus by Judas. In the case of war there is always the traitor, most times it is the weaker of the two sides where we find the traitor. Lovers can betray each other, husbands and wives can also betray one another, so what is it about the human-being that entices some to betray others? Is it driven by fear, lust, greed or wants? Looking after no one - not caring for anyone else but the self? Talking about a friend behind their back is treachery too - yes I believe it is! Destroying someone's character to further yourself, is this treachery? Of course it is. Most people have been through this and if most people have been through it then this means there is alot of it around!

Those who betray others live a very shallow life. They create alot of trouble, from the betrayal of children to the betrayal of a country. They destroy lives, communities, families and countries. They are there to allow the destroyers of this beautiful earth, but their actions reach out into the universes. Our universe is in total harmony as are other universes. They will never have control, in fact in doing what they are doing they destruct themselves. They create disharmony and as the universe is in harmony, they put themselves outside of this holy oneness. Within our oneness we are strong, it is they who are weak. This is the disempowerment of treachery.

Remember this which came from my Grandmaster Si-Gung Chiu Chung, “when a student betrays his teacher heavens cry but when a master betrays his student, hell smiles.”

Study this well


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