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The Empowerment of Healing

As the heart is the receiver and the giver of life, then all healing must come from the heart.  

In Qi Gong we are taught of this:

From Creation, material life manifested through divine Chi. (Chi = life source)

Air, water, blood, material life driven by the heart.  The heart is connected to the divinely conscious Universe, to the Heavens, to our Universe, and to the Earth. 

Creation and healing are as one. Life giving and life balancing.

It was said by Jesus that there are three divine energies within the one – 1) divine consciousness, 2) universal consciousness and 3) our consciousness.  This is Qi Gong, the marrying of all three energies. For the good of all and those most in need, this beautiful studying of Chi – through the heart. Come and join us, the way is not charged for, but shared by all for the good of all - us, the Earth and the Universe. 

It is not hard to learn, for you already know it, after all you are alive.  I am, therefore I know.

When you bring this into your heart, then this is the empowerment of healing. 

Yin Yang fire and water

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