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The Disempowerment of Self

"Me, I, Myself, No 1. I want, I need, I must have, I will have, I will do anything to have, look at me! Listen to me, give to me, take care of me. I will destroy others to get what I want, I will betray others to get what I want, I will lie to get what I want, I will kill to get what I want.” There’s a never ending cycle of desire and want.

All things in all of the universes are linked in harmony. When we want and desire we warp that harmony. It is said that no person is an island, giving and sharing we expand, but when we ‘want' we become a black hole sucking everything in to ourselves.

Find the courage to reject this never-ending want and desire. You will find happiness there.

This is the Disempowerment of self

I want it!

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