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The Empowerment of Death

Most people fear death. The fear of not knowing what awaits us can be overwhelming. This we must prepare for by studying ourselves and nature, for death is natural. Birth and death are one of the same.

Leaving the spirit plane to come here is a death in itself, but we do it willingly, because we know what to expect and we have a goal to achieve, a plan to be carried out on this plane with the divine understanding of the Will, the Way, and the Law of the Universe.

But when we enter this body, we forget this plan, and at the time of birth we learn of fear and separation. We begin to embark on the road of not knowing and wanting, our mind filled with all kinds of negatives taught to us by our teachers which includes parents, religious groups, and false political leaders. Never contemplating on our plan, until our day of passing comes around, brings us more fear and more disappointment in ourselves.

We come to this world in which change is sacrosanct. Knowing this, we must accept the natural law and abide by it; by the same hand, we, as spirit, have never died and never will, even the body does not die, it changes.

We are Chi and Chi is of us, we are one energy. Try to view death as a rest or a step forward into the Divine Universal Love or Chi.

Our time on this plane, no matter how many times you have been here, is very short, in this universal hall of learning.

Remember this:

1 – from the light of the Conscious Universe you came here

2 – from the light of the Heavens you came here

3 – from the light of this Universe you came here

4 – from the light of our Sun you came here

5 – within the light of this Earth you exist here

This is the empowerment of change = death.

Journey to change

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