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Empowerment of a Father

Mother Earth, Father sun. Does this mean that fathers are likened to Father sun? No, not all fathers are good. The ones who are good at times are painted with a negative brush . Good men do not speak of their good deeds, good fathers do no say "I love you" to their kids so much as they show it rather than speak the words.

Wise fathers stand outside of their children company, but this is only so that they can see their backs. Father’s are firstly a guide and teacher, not a friend. He will put your welfare first, before his own. He is at times stern in his speech but gentle in his teachings. He sees all things concerning your well-being. He stands alone, he is a beacon of light to lead you back on to the right path. He is always there when you need him. He asks for no thanks, he is duty bound to you through his undying love for you, often only realised when he has passed on, and even then you will feel him around you when you need him.

He helped you into this life. He helped you as a child. He helped you as a teenager. He helped you as you became an adult. He is your eternal guide and protecter.

In my own life I had two fathers - my birth father who I loved dearly and my kung fu grandmaster who adopted me into his own family in Hong Kong. My birth father held my hand and brought me through all. My new father watched my back and still does. I am indeed blessed, both of them guide my pen.

May the universal fatherly love and motherly love bless you all.

(The term Sifu in Kung Fu means father not master)

Loving Father and baby

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