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The Disempowerment of Hate

The study of hate is something most students do not like doing, even to the point of hating it, seems contradictory in terms, don’t you think?

So why do we hate?

Is it the same as dislike? Sometimes maybe. Let’s see, we hate the rain, we hate this sort of music, we hate this football team, we hate this kind of food; when we say we hate, there is no way to hate any one of these things I have mentioned. But when we say ‘dislike’, there is a chance of change, with hate there is no chance, so let’s take it up a step. People, do we dislike or hate them? This, you will find, takes on a whole different meaning. There are, of course, people you may dislike, you would normally smile falsely around them and be polite, but with someone you hate there is no politeness, there is nothing but resentment and hate. This can even exist in families, in work, clubs of all kinds.

Political hate is far more dangerous, even more dangerous is religious hate; hate between religions is well known. Political leaders who encourage hate for their own gain have been well known. Same has been known with religious leaders, both always pointing the finger at the other side through hate, creating anger, fighting, and of course, war, all the time keeping people apart with hate. In fact, we love to hate, we think it gives us power. Through hate we are either the victor or the victim, one driving the other, and the elite laughs at us.

Hate and anger are not powerful. They destruct, destruction is weakness, so the final Disempowerment of Hate is destruction. Again, hate is of the mind, love is of the heart.

This is your choice, love or hate.

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