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The Empowering Dragon

Most people in the western world would view the Dragon as being somewhat negative but in the east the Dragon is viewed as being benevolent, in eastern philosophy the Dragon is symbolic of a much greater spiritual understanding and held in great honour and esteem.

The Dragon or Lung, with its vibrant colours and long flowing body, represents not only this Earth but also the Universe as it travels in and around both our Earth and the Universe. It nurtures all in its path, it represents the divine Chi or energy through breath, its claws are to protect against negative forces, it is the builder of all that comes into shape, it is the movement of Chi but not the Chi, it can shape mountains, it moves the wind and waves, it can be seen in storms and lightening, it can move a heart or a mountain.

It asks for nothing and gives all, it is not the master but has no master, yet it masters all things.

It manifests all of the ten thousand things that came into being at the beginning of time, it is not the creation but guides the creation and the expansion of all the universes.

It protects the Law, the Will, and the Way of the divine ones, it is the hand that reaches out from the divine conscious Universe.

This is the empowering Dragon.

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