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The Empowerment Of The Open Mind And Heart

When you close your mind to others you also close your heart; other people’s opinions are rejected, their beliefs on spiritual matters also are rejected, you become dogmatic in yourself, you believe that you are the most intelligent, the most wise and the most important above all others, most negative attitude.

On the other side, once you learn to become open minded and have an open heart, all things become possible, the depth of knowledge is vast, the world and the Universe will be seen with fully open eyes, you will see other people in a different light. Problem solving will become much easier, your confidence will reach greater heights, your understanding of spiritual matters and quality matters will grow and grow, relationships, both personal and family, will become far clearer, you will be much happier in yourself, more accepting, kind, and compassionate, and all because you let go of the ego, anger, and fear. You know being close minded is rather mindless, you miss so much believing that you are better. Being like a black hole is also mindless, there is no love, no joy, no happiness, no wonderment, no excitement in life, just you and your darkness.

You can change this, and only you; we close ourselves off because of fear, even greed derives from fear of not having enough. To get up out of our bed each morning and see this beautiful Earth in its reality is a joy. You can either be a happy face 😊 or a sad face 🙁 , it is up to you. Wake up and become the happy face! This is the empowerment of being open minded and open hearted.

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