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The Empowerment of Thinking With The Heart

When we say" in my mind" or "in my opinion," we reject others and their mind or their opinions. This can lead to conflict and too often does. We refuse to accept others, for this would mean that the others way of thinking is better than ours. It would also mean that our ego would be hurt - not going to happen to me! This I am sure sounds familiar.

Understand that opinions and facts can be miles apart most of the time. When we learn to think with our hearts, the principle of accepting becomes sacrosanct, opinions become knowledge based on fact and others opinions are taken into account. This way there can be no conflict. It allows other people to feel cared for and open to change. It allows them to see problems in a different light. For if they can not see a problem, they most certainly will not listen to an answer.

Thinking with the heart creates a higher frequency. Not only within ourselves but also in others. The creative chi energy is connected to our heats not our minds. Our hearts are at one with the chi, the chi is at one with the earth, the earth is at one with the universe, the universe is at one with the heavens, the heavens are at one with the creation. This is the great oneness. The oneness is at one with itself. This is the empowerment of the heart.

think with your heart

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