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The Empowerment of Yin/Yang

In my last blog I spoke of change and how it affects us. The yin/yang teaches us that change consists of 2 opposites, some view it as negative and positive, but in reality it all one and not 2 parts. It should be viewed in it’s entirety. The symbol of the yin/yang shows us that within one there is a small piece of the other. In original terms, the symbol teaches us that the dark side represents the material universe and the white side represents the soft universe. If you look at the lines between both, the curves represent the dragon. If you view the space between both of them it also represent the conscious universe. The ‘dots' on each side shows us that within the dark there is also light and within the light there is dark. Neither of them should ever be judged as good or evil. The empowerment of yin/yang comes when we accept it at it’s fullest purest manifestation.

This is the empowerment of yin/yang

fluid yin/yang symbol

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