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The Empowerment of Change

The principle of change is the only permanent thing in this universe! The dragon is the director of change as all things are coming into shape there is constant change. A tree does not look like a seed, an egg does not resemble the being it will become, this is change.

Change does not merely happen, it is directed by the dragon. Firm calculations by the creation, then manifested into shape, in Lao Tzu’s, 'Book of Change’ he says that before time and before the universe there was non-being. Then non-being came into being. At the first moment ten thousand things came into being. This ten thousand things came from non-shape and manifested into shape. By accepting change we start to empower ourselves.

You are a part of a matrix of other sentient beings. We should not think only of ourselves and our thoughts - this is ego (we are what we think). By learning to accept change, we co-operate with the universe and begin to build a perfect understanding of all things. This is the empowerment of change

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