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The Empowerment of Spirituality

To empower yourself by spirituality means that you would have tested yourself on all of your negative and positive principles. To know yourself is priceless, to accept yourself is sacrosanct. You must act and speak with universal love/chi. All of your thoughts and actions are performed through your heart. You have become a singular being, wanting nothing, having no desires, needing nothing. You exist only to shape your beauty and the beauty all around with others and the universal oneness. You have become one with all things. You nor only have a deep understanding and acceptance of the will, the law and the way of all things, you have become the ying/yang. Accepting both the material and the softer universe as one. Understanding that you never have died and never will, accepting that the oneness has never died and never will - as above so below.

This is the empowerment of spirituality.

Image by: Piotr Siedlecki


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