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The Disempowerment Of Lies

Why do we lie? Recently I watched an episode of the Xfiles on TV. In it Mulder was speaking to a NASA high ranking officer about aliens. He told Mulder that aliens told him that we as humans will never be allowed to travel outside a barrier that they set up to contain us from infecting other forms of life in our galaxy. He asked why and they told him that we are unique in the solar system because we lie. No other race does this. Whether you believe in aliens or not the fact is that we lie all the time - some more than others. Most people have been on the receiving end of someones lies. It creates great anger, which can lead to revenge, hate, violence, break up of families, friends and far more! Even our media nowadays with their false news, driven by corrupt politicians who lie all the time. Religious leaders lie so they can control the masses, while other leaders lie to make themselves great. Thieves lie to hide themselves, scandal givers lie, traitors lie, lovers lie (which leads to jealousy). All lies are born from fear, selfishness, control, ego, destruction of others demeanour; all leading to the destruction of the self. The liar dies many deaths. They care not for anyone but themselves. They are a friend to no-one. But what they do not see is that their treachery can be seen from the four corners of the world and if not from this one, most definitely the next. There lies cannot exist. If lies cannot exist there then neither can they!

So how can lies effect us as human beings? All things exist through frequencies and vibration. Creation is born into material and manifests itself by movement and shape. This can only be done by positive chi or positive vibration. When we lie, we warp the vibration which affects us and souls around us. This is destruction and not creation.

We were given free will to create on this plane. We are here to create ourselves in the likeness of the creation. By lying we disrespect all of the divine wishes. We darken the law, the will and the way of the universes. We create misery and suffering of others. This is the disempowerment of lying. Take care those of you who are in a position of power. Learn to speak through the heart and not from the mind. The mind can be negative but the heart is always true and can never lie.

Bless you all

Hiding behind a mascarade mask

Image by: Marc Garrido i Puig

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