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The Empowerment of Shape

Before this universe came into being,, there was. a state of pure consciousness without shape. The great Chinese sage Lao Tzu says in his book ‘Tao Te Ching’

“At the moment of non-being into being, ten thousand things came into being"

The primal generative process began what we sometimes call ’The Big Bang.’ The beginning of shape, movement, time and presence - derived from divine consciousness. It’s a process which even today is still ongoing through the divine expansion of the universe, enlightenment and consciousness.

The study of shape can be somewhat complex. The shape of all things had it’s origins from within the divine thoughts of creation. All shape has it’s own energy. Even a leaf on a tree has it’s own chi/energy. Each leaf is different, just like our fingerprints. Within each shape there is a code that even a little leaf or a blade of grass adheres to. From a leaf to the largest mountain, all are within the code. This code is the law of shape. Before movement there was shape, but to construct shape there was movement - this was shape coming into being. Then the shape needs energy to move i.e. chi. Chi is attracted to shape & shape is attracted to chi. Then comes change. Changing from one shape to another. By perfecting shape we allow the chi to flow through us which connects us to the universe and the law of the divine chi.

In Shaolin Buddhist and Taoist Kung Fu and Tai Chi, this is most important. Making the bond with chi is difficult, ridding ourselves of the fear, control and ego. The movements and shapes of both kung Fu and Tai Chi build courage. The perfection of the shapes and movements allows the chi to bond with us. To honour the shape of all things is tho honour the original divine thoughts which brought forth the universe. The Shaolin Monks who died for this were not violent or egotistical. they were spiritual beings as were the original yoga masters in India. Shape and movement were not just for exercise. If we are to become as the earth is, then we must realise that we are the earth. The earth, air, water and fire are not just for us to use (this is our arrogance at work). If we are the earth and the earth is us then our shape and movement are part of this beautiful existence, we are not it’s master.

“Have no masters and be the master of no one or anything"

This is the empowerment of shape. The next empowerment will be of The Dragon

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