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The Empowerment of Beauty

It may seem strange to speak of beauty as an empowerment, yet beauty can uplift us in many ways - a beautiful song, or piece of music, a poem, a sunset or sunrise; art work in paint, clay or stone, a landscape or seascape; in a friendly or loving face, a mother’s smile or father's hand on your shoulder. Beauty is the creations expression. It can be seen, it can be felt, it can be heard. It can be an inspiration. It is all around us - above us, below us, left of us and right of us. It is in us and round us. It cannot be used for vanity, ego or profit. It is that which the universe smiles on. It directs the artists hand. It is that note which reaches our heart. It is there for all of us. We are it and it is us. It is in our hearts and minds and outstretched hand. It is the face of chi or fu. Fu is quality. Chi is movement. Fu + chi (quality + movement) = Dragon. All combined are governed by the Will, the Way and the Law i.e. all universes, hard and soft (yin/yang).

In this universe we struggle with it’s hard vibrations. We have to choose which road we take. The hard one or the soft one, negative or positive. All things that are beautiful are of the positive. All things that are ugly are of the negative. Please note that some people who are not so good looking are not negative. The beauty is on the inside. We tend to view beauty as a human right because of our vanity and ego. In fact it has turned into an industry. Remember outside beauty only lasts a number of years whereas inside beauty lasts a lifetime. It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If this is so, then we need to study beauty in all it’s forms so we can see it in it’s earthly and spiritual expressions. This is the empowerment of beauty.

To stay focused on the energy of beauty then there is no room for the negative. To stay focused on your inside beauty there is no need for lies, greed, selfishness or ego. Everything you do or say will show your inside beauty and will empower others to do the same. Once you start to recognise your beauty your life will become more kind, compassionate and caring. You will start to see the real you. Open your heart. Allow yourself to become a light for others. Focus on your light, not your darkness. Bless all who take on this work. May the universe bless you.


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