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The Empowerment of Balance

There are many kinds of balance, each should be studied well. Balance of mind of course is most important. The balance of mind and heart means all that we think, decide or act on must be of good quality. Our feelings and emotions should be studied before expressing them including our kindness and compassion, making sure they are not selfish or for a selfish reason.

The balance of mind and body which entails movement, hence tai chi, kung fu, yoga and other forms of artful movements, develop co-ordination between mind and body. How we speak to others, how we express ourselves, how we speak to our children or partners, at work and at play; to communicate with the mind, to communicate with the heart or both, by phone, by email, by eye contact, by listening, by letter, even a handshake - all of these ways should be balanced so study these well.

The empowerment of balance needs careful control of our thoughts, our actions, our deeds, our attitudes, our opinions. To have attitudes or opinions without being informed can be misguided to say the least. Anything other than informed opinions or educated attitudes can be most unbalanced and can create turmoil. People who lie, cheat, betray, scandalise etc. destroy many lives and families. They create wars, destruction and even spiritual leaders that lie bring devastation. A balanced person creates harmony, tranquility and peace of mind.

This is the empowerment of balance

balance in movement

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