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The Empowerment of The Heart

People seldom ask themselves, "how does the human work on a spiritual level?" The empowerment of the heart has many halls of learning. The heart at it’s beginning is the first organ to come to life. At death, it is the last to stop. It is believed by many cultures that the heart is the centre of the spirit and also that it has memory.

In chi gung we are taught that by accepting chi, we empower the heart, so chi is also called love and if chi and love are as one, then the heart is at the centre of spirit. Creation or to create can only be achieved by nurturing and giving. The heart is all giving, the mind is all taking, so one needs to be careful of being mindful. Being heartfelt is the way to oneness of all energies, for peace will only come when we all as one people live through our hearts.

Our acceptance, our kindness, our compassion, our courage, our healing and our oneness will create one more heavenly dimension - a consciousness created by our oneness and one consciousness which is derived from the divine itself. Our enlightened hearts will go on to create even more divine dimensions. This is the work of our hearts. This is the Law, the Will and the Way of the divine. The divine has given us this work. We must stop the destruction, stop the fighting. Allow your true self to shine through your heart. Become your own master. Use your heart to do this work. Our hearts are powerful. This is the empowerment of the heart

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