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The Empowerment of Courage

Without courage there would be turmoil and nothing would get done, for as you know the opposite of courage is fear. As human beings we never teach our children courage, mostly because some of us do not have courage ourselves. We go through life hoping we never have to challenge ourselves on this matter. How many times have we let things be because we did not want to face what was needed to be done either in business or personal matters? Allow me to give you an example: some time ago, I had to tell a good friend some home truths. I knew I would lose a very good friend by doing this, but I could not just think of myself, so I told him and lost a dear friend. This needed courage. To think of others first takes courage, even to accept oneself takes courage. To face each day after a bereavement takes courage. Children and teenagers facing bullying in the school or elsewhere takes courage. We need to have courage facing bullies of all kinds. There are kings and queens who bully their own people, large companies bully smaller ones, people in workplaces are bullied by other workers or bosses. Once a person of weak personality finds they can have power over someone by using force, they normally do. The world is ruled by those who care only for themselves.

Those of you who have courage need to lead and help others find the courage to build a world where these negative ones are not accepted in any manner. We have all heard the saying “a brave new world,” well this is true. Brave enough to have rid ourselves of lies, flags, bigotry, racism and corruption and all of the negative ways. That has and still is holding back our progression and the expansion of our spiritual destiny. We must learn to express ourselves and be brave enough to let our true selves be seen so that we all can shine with the blessing of all creation. Be brave to the point of fighting for justice for all beings and where kindness and compassion are the principles all beings live by. Where wars, hunger, poverty are a thing of the past. A world without politicians, religious fanatics, kings, queens. This is truly a brave world and it could be ours tomorrow. A world without fear, a world without worry, pain, hopelessness; where all beings speak and think through their hearts - a brave heart of oneness that is eternal. Our universe is waiting for us to wake up. This can only be achieved by each one of us accepting this individually. The power of one can change not by groups, organisations, congregations, but one by one by empowering yourselves using kindness, compassion and acceptance and remembering The Law, The Will and The Way.

Bless you all

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