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End Violence

Do we as a race have some hidden need for violence? We inflict so much hurt and pain on one another whether it be in the home or on the streets, by governments, in sports, in schools, some religious fanatics. If we do not do it in reality, we do our utmost to imitate it in many ways e.g. games, films and tv - we create drama after drama. Are we actually addicted to it, or are we infected by it? If we have ever loved someone, how can we do this? How can we, when we are in this love mode, lie, hurt, kill, scandalise anyone?

Should we ask ourselves is it real love we feel, or is it merely what we want from the other person? Do you think it is possible to be kind and use violence at the same time? Don’t you think it’s love we should be infected with? Can you see that hate and violence, and kindness and love, are on the opposite side of the spectrum?

How do we create through violence? We cannot!

If you like to believe we are all one family on this round earth, it is impossible to run away from one another to hide. We all share equally, irrespective of colour or race. We are all to blame either by action or silence. You do not have to take to the streets to have your voice heard. As parents you merely need to teach your children to stop fighting with one another. To stop carrying guns to kill one another. To refuse to join up with groups who promote these things, and to refuse to allow our children to imitate violence. We must teach our children how powerful they really are. We must let them shine as they really are. By letting them illuminate their light, we will stop wars and the killings. They will light the way for future generations. It is their light that will reach out to the universe and beyond. And as their light expands, the earth's light will also expand with kindness and love.

Wake up and start objecting to violence now!

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