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2nd Map To Self Realisation

In my last blog and mind map, it showed all of the negative side of the human condition. It pointed out all that leads to destruction and suffering. But before I show you the positive side, there are a few facts we must keep in mind. The Buddha discovered that all suffering derived from 5 main points i.e. fear, greed, ego, desire and power.

  1. Fear: Because of fear we accept violence To defeat fear, we must become brave

  2. Greed: Because of greed we are selfish To defeat greed we must become kind

  3. Ego: Because of ego we destroy. To defeat ego we think of others first

  4. Desire: Because of desire we are in constant need. To defeat desire we must respect all and treat all as equal

  5. Power: Because of power we dominate To defeat power we must learn to help and share power. We must not abuse it

Each day remember what you are:

I am a child of the way

I am a child of the conscious light

I am a child of being

I am a child of the heavens

I am a child of the universe

I am a child of the earth

I am a child of learning

I am a child of universal thought

I am a child of expansion

I am a child of light - human and earthly

Universal and consciousness

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