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Earthly Beings Or Spirit Beings

We are earthly beings and souls who struggle in this world at knowing who we are or what we are. We are an exact copy of the universe. Recent quantum physics discoveries show that our DNA is an exact replica of all the elements combined within the universe. We are the manifestation of universal spirituality; movement and expansion. This shows that there are two forces at work here. ​​These forces can be demonstrated in the ancient symbol of yin/yang which explains this law in its perfection. The yin/yang symbol shows us that there are hard and soft elements. This also means there are hard universes and softer universes. It is this duality which confuses us, because we view it as duality, rather that a singularity. This is why we struggle in this world to know who we are and what we are.

We as spirits are here to teach the new soul and guide it on the road to enlightenment. This enlightenment provides beautiful knowledge not only of our material universe, but also the softer ones. Once this enlightenment has become a reality, our present soul, once enlightened, will become a new spirit to inhabit this blessd earth and heaven.

This duality can seem to be a battle sometimes. We must view this duality as a singularity rather than creating battles. To achieve this inevitable destiny we need many tools. But as in many trades there are good tools and bad tools. We are given many trials to challenge us in the task. If we succumb to using bad tools such as anger, revenge, lies, jealousies and many other negative aspects of the lower self we could get lost. Yes, they are very powerful and hard to get rid of. They can reward us with false power, a power that can be very addictive, very addictive indeed! It is hard to let go of these things. It is hard to let go of hate, vanity, revenge, bigotry, greed for money and power. The list goes on and on. All of these things are eluders and will lead you to destruction. They are, in real terms, challenges for us to overcome. These are our trials. They will never make you happy. If you hold onto them you are just holding onto destruction and misery. We are here on this earth to create not to destruct, so get busy creating! Let go and wake up.

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