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Before 'Way'

Divine thoughts brought forth existence from non-being. What, of the wonderful entities thoughts of non-being, could create this vast existence of being? Where, or how was it housed or stored? Maybe it is private? Did it grow or develop? Was it always there? Thinking. Building. Waiting to come into being from non-being. What store or vehicle could hold or ? these vast divine thoughts? This wonderful thinking, this infinity of divine thought. What stable could house this beautiful dragon which was born of this? What place could be large enough to contain it's shape and movement? What eye could behold it's beauty in it's entirety? Could this place be emptied? I think not.

For then there would be an end. How could it have started if it has no end? Is this where start and end combine? To replenish - to renew - to end and restart - to expand - to share - to fill - to grow - to love - to create. Is this the womb of Chi? How exquisite, how utterly exquisite is 'The Way.'

Honour 'The Way'

"Return is the movement of way

And yielding the method of way

All beneath Heaven, the new thousands think I

It's all born of being

And being is born of non-being"


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