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Shaolin Kung Fu, Acceptance and The Way

In Shaolin Kung Fu, Lung Ying Dragon Sign, which derives from the Taoist and Buddhist Temple in Southern China, there is one very important principle. This principle is the foundation of both Taoism and Buddhism; it is the practice of acceptance. To learn of The Way is quite difficult to do and without acceptance it would not be possible.

The Way, in simple language, is how all things that come from the conscious universe transpires, grows, manifests and expands. The Way is also the law of things, which is also the Divine Law. For example, if a brick layer lays the first brick of a large building wrong, it is certain the building will fall. So, The Way or law of expansion must be properly thought over before being applied, or like the building, all will fall.

Each human being has been given the gift of Chi or Divine Energy to enable them to become their own creator. Also to aid others in their creation, including bringing children or new souls into this dimension through the divine womb. All mother’s love (or Chi) helped by our earthly mother and all her Divine Chi.

Both deserve love and respect, as does the Father who protects us and provides for us - Our father the sun, Our father the Being.

Ego will destroy all

You choose

Fibonacci seen in the universe

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