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Mothers and Mother Earth Taken For Granted

In my previous messages I have been speaking at length about how loving mother’s bring all of us into this dimension, how they nurture us, feed us, and even heal us, which was the main reason I started to speak up for mothers. Their healing powers are legendary. And in all fairness Fathers also play their role in all of this. This is loving Fathers of course.

But over all when we look at this, this is precisely what the earth does. It also feeds us, nurtures us and can heal us in many ways. So likewise, sometimes we neglect our mothers; when we don’t listen to her, when we take here for granted, when we don’t show her enough love and respect, we fail her. So when we view all of this in it’s entirety, we can see that we do the same thing to earth or Mother Earth.

When we neglect our mothers we sometimes feel “Oh it’s ok, my Mother understands, she won’t mind, she will forgive me." Well now, breaking news - they do mind! Yes, they will forgive and they do understand, but it does hurt them, that you did not think of them and that you took them for granted. And rather than receiving their love, we take it. They give unconditionally, but we always have conditions, or wants.

When you study this within yourself, you will see that we also do the same thing to the earth, Mother Earth. The earth like our mother, feeds us clothes us, nurtures us, and we hurt it by polluting it, almost killing it. Or we are in the process of doing so. The human being, I sometimes think, believes that all things are for their benefit, and is theirs alone. This is Ego

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