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The Disempowerment of The Human Mind

Over the past years, I have posted over 70 blogs to help you gain an understanding of the way of things on your road to becoming an enlightened human being. All of these blogs set out the path on how to become enlightened, or at least one way of reaching it; but as in all matters, Yin/Yang or the principles of two opposing forces, it should be viewed like this – if there is Empowerment, then there must be Disempowerment.

Why do we feel the need to disempower ourselves? You must know that it is a choice, whether we empower ourselves or disempower ourselves, why would we choose the negative over the positive? What the hell is it? We know it will bring trouble, misery, and pain; this is an age old question - why, why, and why; a primitive need to destroy ourselves and all around us. This can start with a white lie to being a corrupt politician with a big red button.

This human body we are in can be very sensitive to all kinds of energy, negative and positive, but there lies the problem. The lack of understanding of these energies can create illness, depression, and even anger of all kinds and a fear of not knowing.

I hope these blogs may help you in some way to view this world in a somewhat different and more spiritual way. The first word we use in our work is acceptance, this word is of the utmost importance to our development. Its opposite is, of course, nonacceptance, this creates all sorts of problems, including war, conflicts and suffering.

I once asked a question: "what is the fear of not knowing and what is the arrogance of knowing?"

I will answer these two questions at a later stage but for now try to think about them yourself.

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