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The Disempowerment of Violence and Killing

There is a problem in our world and it seems to be getting worse. It is said that if one can not see a problem, they most certainly won’t listen to the answer. We have been conditioned to accept violence on tv, in films, books, games, contact sport etc. In original Shaolin Kung Fu we are taught not to harm people. Today some people calling themselves Shaolin Kung fu, which is based on Taoist and Buddhist teachings, are teaching kickboxing and cage fighting - this is NOT the Shaolin Way. This is corrupting children to accept violence. Parents who send their child to these charlatans should think of what they are doing. Also, allowing children to watch violent games is damaging. The problem lies in our acceptance of it. We allowed ourselves to be conditioned in the past. We must learn to protect our children by being careful of the positivity of what they watch. If we want peace then we must work for it.

Watch out for hidden violence, like the ads telling us how much fun you can have when in the army. Be careful of religious groups telling you if you do not do as they say you will go to hell. They can only control the masses with fear and violence. Do not allow fear, anger, revenge, jealousy or even greed lead you to using violence. Remember, by using violence combined with your ego you are lost not the other person who was the brunt of your aggression. Violence distructs. We must learn to control that primitive drive within us to kill and destroy. To destroy is weak. To create is strong.

Darkness or light - choose.

This is the disempowerment of violence

nurture peace with children

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