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The Empowerment of Love

A subject in itself, but all is achieved through it. It is like the chi energy, we can feel it but cannot see it. It drives all things, yet we can kill for it. It holds all understanding yet it can be elusive. We crave it, yet we can cheat on it. Our first connection to love is with our mother. For most, it is a bond that will last all through our lives yet we sometimes forget her when we are too busy or being selfish. Because we know that no matter what we do she will be there for us. She is our first healer. A mother’s love knows no bounds, indeed her strength is love and love is mother. All mothers throughout the universes are connected through the divine womb. It is how life is shared. Wisdom itself comes from the loving heart. Peace comes from love - kindness comes from love - compassion comes from love - healing comes from love. Courage comes from a good heart hence love. All that comes from the heart is love.

There is no greater power that love. World power lords look for power through war. They are very much misguided. There is only one great divine power - love. The words ‘Kung Fu’ means that which comes from the heart. Use love to feel healthy and health will follow. Use love for you happiness and happiness will follow. Be love and love will follow. Love your fellow being and they will love you. This is the empowerment of love. This is also the dragon/lung. The empowerment is in giving not receiving.

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