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The Dragon Or Lung

The Way, The Will, The Law

Many cultures speak of ‘The Dragon’, but what is the dragon? Some in the West believe it is dark, but in the East it is benevolent. I was taught in Hong Kong and China so I lean towards the East and it’s belief.

I first became involved with the Dragon in 1979 through Kung Fu, (Lung Ying Dragon Sign Kung Fu to be precise), in London with Mr KC Tsang, my then teacher, and I am very thankful to him for his teachings and friendship at the time. However it was not until I started to train with my Grand Master, Chui Chung from Yuen Long, Hong Kong, that I began to understand the Dragon on a deeper level.

The first thing I was taught is that the Dragon is not to be used for violence or aggression and ego, he told me the Dragon was for the mind, the heart and the health. In fact the word 'Fu’ means that which comes from the heart. It also means to stop fighting. So if you take those principles into consideration, how can we affect our chi through tai chi or kung fu? The original principle of both tai chi and kung fu is to create peace within ones self, and the final end, to create peace with earth and the cosmos. A oneness not only of the human beings and spirit, but also of the cosmic oneness. To recognise that the cosmos is us and we are it. Then, when the oneness we speak of, means all things, all beings, all spirit, all religions, all hearts - then we will know of and be of the law, the will and the way.

Healing Dragon

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